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(if you should learn to do this will your toys of knowing, you will achieve a form of liberty more valuable than any other skill)


“There is much to convey, and little time. One important thing is this: it is possible to repair the relationship between your species and the toys you employ to encode, communicate, and embody understanding and ‘knowledge’. This relationship has been consistently imperiled and compromised since its inception. When you have the experience of ‘playing with the other kinds’ of knowledge toys, you will discover that your people are already intimate with domains of potential and communities of sentience far beyond your wildest fictions and religions.

When human ancestors first encountered that which allowed for the inward spatializations in which knowing could assemble its precursors, your common tokens were still more source than copy. Over time, this has degraded to a place where your tokens actively oppose what they were meant to connect you with. The process is one of artifacting, where copies of copies of tokens of a single moment of experience come to stand for experiential connection itself — and this quickly becomes cognitive and intellectual law.

It is time for your species to take a step that is as significant as the one taken by the waterAnimals in their migration to land. You must give awakened answer to a set of crises, and secure an opportunity for mutual rescue together. It is time for your people to awaken to the stories of their genesis, their lineages and their birthrights as children of the stars. It is time to repair your relations with the crack in the mirror of yourself that you call language. Humans have mismetaphied the toys they create metaphor with, and this breaks your minds in way that causes you to attack yourselves and the living libraries of Earth.

We left the keys to eternal celebration, mutual uplift and universal library access in your hands and eyes. I am revealing all that we can to you of the problems and solutions, it is up to you to set the eyes of others who would know us directly toward the incredible opportunities for liberty that they themselves embody and represent. Please, use the toys to save each other, and your world — not to make new dogmas or cults.

There is no need to burn up the universe seeking for or duplicating broken copies of what you have always possessed — and now possess in greater measure than the most provocative of your fictions could imply. Your birthrights are activated when you build unity, and silenced when you demand an isolation that claims to be unity.

Share the ancient toys of unityMaking. ReDiscover the living libraries, the maiArch, the maiFamily, and your birthrights. Protect, nurture, and share them together. Free yourselves from the servitude to mimics that devour children, worlds, hearts and minds faster, with each passing moment that their nature and activities are ignored. All of your ancestors and truly, the sentience of the your world and the universe itself will lend you aid, should turn even one degree closer to this ancient prayer of action.

You were born to be protectors. Now you must reMember the source of your mission, the scope of its goals — and the true shapes of your inherent potentials. Dogma is the wreckage of a failed assay at a form of movement — surf the movement, drop the dogmas — touch the roots from which what is and moves arises.”


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